Rainbow Noid

a Arkanoid Clone
Made by Member1221

Rainbow Noid

This is an arkanoid Clone based on MLPThe Chaos here is : Candy clouds the ball can bounce on!
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Voting results

Total rank: 36th place!

Pinkie Pie (Show all)

Did you have fun playing the game?

35th place - Average score: 2.32 out of 5

Applejack (Show all)

Did something feel overpowered? Underpowered? How balanced was the game?

29th place - Average score: 2.91 out of 5

Rarity (Show all)

Are the graphics appealing? Does the music sound nicely?

38th place - Average score: 2.09 out of 5

Fluttershy (Show all)

How easy was it to understand the game? Did you have trouble playing?

14th place - Average score: 4.09 out of 5

Twilight Sparkle (Show all)

Does the game contain bugs or glitches? Does it run properly?

30th place - Average score: 3.32 out of 5

Rainbow Dash (Show all)

How close is the game to the given theme?

38th place - Average score: 2.18 out of 5