My Little Game Jam #1 - Chaos


Are the graphics appealing? Does the music sound nicely?

Category winner


Daring do and the Scepter of Harmony

By Pix3m - Average score: 4.70


  1. Daring do and the Scepter of Harmony by Pix3m
  2. Chaos in Ponyville by Waffle
  3. Corruption by Oddwarg
  4. Discorderly by Darthvender
  5. Order of Twilight by Maurice
  6. Colours Of Time by JCity
  7. Saving the Night by Palm
  8. End of Chaos by ToCoool
  9. Sugar Boom! by sparklepeep
  10. Chaos In The Sky by Lemonaids
  11. Fluttershy's Chaotic Day by AfterworkPony
  12. Apples vs. Chaos by patrickgh3
  13. -Twilight's Tower of Tribulations- by VioletLinked
  14. Key of Darkness - The Toothblade by influxWishdream
  15. Chaos Defense by Chao
  16. Bonk Racing by AnsisMalins
  17. Chaos Dash by electrokitty
  18. Chaotic Run by fullmetalkopets
  19. King of Chaos by Rylius
  20. Rainbow's Tale by Cara Citrine
  21. Say hello to TWILIGHT SPARKLE! by SlimStyle
  22. Ponyack by dos
  23. Discords Maze by MIA
  24. Fluttershy's Chaotic Adventure by Matias
  25. Chaotic Dash by RedEnchilada
  26. Chaos Simulator 5000 by Myth
  27. Bouncy Pony Balls by BlitzProg
  28. Chaos Flier by Brightwater
  29. Discord's Maze - 10 Seconds Flat Edition! by DrTyphoid
  30. Chocolate Milk Attack by JigPu
  31. Running from chaos by LemonLight
  32. Chaotic Dream 1.0 by amymist
  33. Ponyvasion by snipercommand
  34. Chaos in Time by Lord_Denir
  35. Star Swirl's Parser-Based Pony Adventure by Oracion
  36. Twilight in Chaos! by CommunistPancake
  37. Discord's Labyrinth by Cantorlot
  38. Rainbow Noid by Member1221